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while-like structure in Ant

while-like structure in Ant

2007-05-10       - By Emir Mahmut BAHSI
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Actually I have implemented if and switch scenerios by using ant-contrib
project. However I could not use their loop structure for my purpose. scriptdef
seems a good option. I will try it.
Thank you very much. I am open to any other suggestions also. Apreciated.

Emir M Bahsi

Xavier Hanin <xavier.hanin@(protected)> wrote: On 5/10/07, Emir Mahmut BAHSI
> Hi all,
> I have been working on conditional structures and loop structures on
> existing workflow managers for a long time. For this purpose I have
> implemented two simple examples for if-type and switch-type cases (examples
> are attached). In these examples my program is simply downloading a file. If
> that file does not exist in the first web address it tries another address.
> However, I could not implement a loop structure for that. In the loop case
> the program should try the same address until the file exists. Actually I
> know this is not a reasonable and useful scenario but I just want to show
> whether a conditional-loop scenario can be implemented in Ant.
> Can u suggest me anything to implement that example. Any help is
> appreciated.

The ant-contrib project is providing conditional tasks which may help, but
if you want to have your own syntax and the very specific url availability
as a condition (like you wrote), maybe using a script (using scriptdef for
example) would be a good fit.


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