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<mapper > question for usage in <uptodate >

<mapper > question for usage in <uptodate >

2007-05-14       - By Jay Dickon Glanville
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Hello again,

I have a situation where many java files are being created from a
single xml file.  I don't want this to be done if the java files are
up to date.

Therefore, I'm trying to use the <uptodate> task to generate a
property only if java file creation is necessary.  The problem I'm
having is that all the examples of the <uptodate> task and it's
<mapper> subtasks deal with the output being a single file.

How do I write a <mapper> to where the target is multiple files?

For example

 <uptodate property=""
   <mapper type="merge"
       to="a-whole-wack-of-java-files" />

So, what type of mapper do I need to map a single source file to
multiple target files?

Jay Dickon Glanville

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