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Process Fork Failed

Process Fork Failed

2007-05-15       - By Sean Tiley
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Hi there,

I have successfully been using ant(1.6.5) to run a number of test suites
for months. I use the JAVA_HOME is set to the IBM JDK and ANT_HOME is

All of a sudden I try and I see the following error and I have no idea
what has happened

C:\build\build.xml:562: Process fork failed.

The target I am trying to run looks like (it has not changed since I
created it).

<!-- This target runs the EJB JUNIT tests -->

<target name="test-ejb" description="Run the Junit test cases">

<echo>Running the EJB test suite</echo>

           <!-- run the tests -->

           <mkdir dir="logs"/>

           <junit printsummary="withOutAndErr" fork="true"
haltonfailure="false" failureproperty="ejb.tests.failed"


                                   <path refid="test-path" />


                       <jvmarg value="-Xmx256M" />

                       <formatter type="xml" />

                       <test name="${ejb.test.class}"
outfile="${log.dir}/${ejb-test-results.file}" />



When I turn on the verbose flag in ant, I see the following


C:\sean\afsc_source_head\build\build.xml:587: Process fork failed.

















Caused by: CreateProcess: "C:\Program

Any ideas as to what may be happening would be greatly appreciated.



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