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Directory question

Directory question

2007-05-17       - By David Alves
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I'd like to include a lib directory in my classpath. The problem is I
don't know where the lib directory will be. It will either be ../../lib
or ../lib, relative to my current path. Is there a way to set a property
to whichever of those two exists?

For example:



property would be set to ../lib



property would be set to ../../lib

Here's my attempt, but it doesn't work because properties set inside
subant tasks aren't set when subant exits.

     <target name="findcommon">

           <echo>Finding common directory...</echo>

           <available file="../../lib" type="dir" property="two_up" />

           <antcall target="two" />

           <antcall target="one" />

           <echo>Path to lib set to: ${path_to_lib}</echo>



     <target name="two" if="two_up">

           <echo>Two folders up...</echo>

           <property name="path_to_lib" location="../../lib"/>



     <target name="one" unless="two_up">

           <echo>One folder up...</echo>

           <property name=" path_to_lib" location="../lib"/>


Thanks in advance for your help!


David Alves

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