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Splitting a <fileset >

Splitting a <fileset >

2007-05-23       - By Tim Pettersen


One of our build targets breaks on Windows systems due to a too-long
command line problem.

We're using a <fileset> with some include/exclude patterns to build a
list of JSPs to compile, then passing the resulting set to java using
the snippet below:


      <path id="jsps.path">
          <fileset dir="${build.war}">
              <exclude name="**/includes/**/*.jsp"/>
              <exclude name="**/manageyourkitprofiling.jsp"/>
              <include name="**/*.jsp"/>

      <pathconvert pathsep=" " property="jsps" refid="jsps.path"/>

      <java classname="weblogic.jspc" fork="yes">
          <arg line="-d ${build.weblogic}/WEB-INF/classes -k -g -webapp
${build.war} ${jsps}"/>
              <pathelement path="${}/lib/tools.jar"/>
              <pathelement path="${wl.home}/server/lib/weblogic.jar"/>
              <pathelement path="${wl.home}/common/lib/3rdparty.jar"/>


By including ${jsps} in the <arg> element we walk off the end of the
Windows command line's max character limit. Does anyone have a reliable
method for splitting a fileset and then iterating through the resultant


Tim Pettersen

+61 431 270 753 mobile

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