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Building Dependent targets

Building Dependent targets

2007-05-24       - By query
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As you have mentioned, time stamp comparision will be done at the task level
tasks like <javac>. But in a target, I will be defininig many tasks like
;,<cvs> etc....So my concern is instead of repeatedly checking the tasks
whether they are already built, I want the check to be made at target level
itself. .
<uptodate> task can be used to check whether target file is uptodate; not
the target task.I have explained the issue that I am facing in the below
<target name=\"eg\" depends=\"eg1,eg2,eg3\">...<target name=\"eg1\"
depends=\"eg5\",eg3\">...<target name=\"eg2\" depends=\"eg3,eg4\">...
<target name=\"eg3\" depends=\"eg6\">...Now if I build \"eg\" target, eg3
will be built thrice. But what I want is once if eg3 is built, it shouldn\'t
try to build eg3 again in the same project even if it used as dependent target.
I tried setting property inside a target and calling that target only if that
property is not set as shown below.
<target name=\"eg\" depends=\"eg1,eg2,eg3\">...<target name=\"eg1\"
depends=\"eg5\",eg3\">...<target name=\"eg2\" depends=\"eg3,eg4\">...
<target name=\"eg3\" unless=\"eg3.present\" depends=\"eg6\"> &lt
;mkdir dir=\"eg3\"> . . <property name=\"eg3.present\"
But this is also not working as per the expectation. Please help me out........
......On Thu, 24 May 2007 13:52:16 +0100 \"Ant Users List\" wrotequery wrote:&gt
; Earlier I was using some other build tool to build my project. Here if a
target is built and if the same target is used to build some other target, it
compares the timestamp and will not build the dependent targets again.Ant
doesnt compare the timestamps on targets, but it looks at the timestamp of
artifacts consumed and created by tasks. e.g does work only if there is java
source to compile, but the task is called on every build.> As I started
working on ANT, I found it very useful and intersting. But in ANT, while
building each target, it will try to build all the dependent targets that many
times as it occurs in different targets.As a result it is increasing project\'s
build time.Is there any task to ensure that the dependent targets once built
will not  be built again ????Every target in a build file shoul
d run once. if the same targets run again and again in a single build, your
are using when you dont need to. Every task in a target should do its own
dependency rules, though some dont. You can use to determine if targets need
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