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Building Dependent targets

Building Dependent targets

2007-05-24       - By Joe Schmetzer
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On Thu, 24 May, 2007 12:46 pm, query wrote:
> Earlier I was using some other build tool to build my project. Here if a
> target is built and if the same target is used to build some other target,
> it compares the timestamp and will not build the dependent targets again.
> As I started working on ANT, I found it very useful and intersting. But in
> ANT, while building each target, it will try to build all the dependent
> targets that many times as it occurs in different targets. As a result it
> is increasing project\'s build time.Is there any task to ensure that the
> dependent targets once built will not  be built again ????

If you're willing to reorganise you build targets into different projects,
the technique described here can help:

Joe Schmetzer .:. Renaissance Developer .:.

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