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Waiting for <exec > task to succeed

Waiting for <exec > task to succeed

2007-05-24       - By Krish
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I have a requirement wherein I need to make sure the
process doesnt exist. So I need to do something like
this -

`netstat -tln | grep 8080 | cut -f1 -d'.

If the return value of the above is tcp, then i know
that a process is running ..... I need to run this
command in a loop until the process dies out. Right
now, there is no way of knowing how long it takes for
the process to die (1 min or 2 min etc)....Also i
looked at <exec> task, but there is no way of placing
this task in a conditional loop. Or if there is way, I
am not sure how to proceed.

I also looked at <waitFor> but I cannot use <waitFor>
and <exec> together.

Let me know how to proceed with this.


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