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Build failing with IOException on Linux

Build failing with IOException on Linux

2007-05-25       - By vivek payala


My build fails with the following error,

IOException in compile ../config/jibx-5min-binding.xml (No
such file or directory)

However when I check the actual path it is all there. I dont know why it is
not able to pick this file and process it. This issue is when I am building
on my build server which is on a Linux box. There is no problem when I build
it on Windows. Below is the target in my build.xml file which calls the
other xml file where it fails.

       <target name="jibx-compile" >
           <bind verbose="true"  binding="../config/jibx-5min-binding.xml">
                   <path refid="project.class.path" />
                   <pathelement location="../build/classes" />

Could you please help me figure out the problem.


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