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Parallel tasks and Windows

Parallel tasks and Windows

2007-05-25       - By Thomas Voigt
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I posed this question some time ago, but did not get any answers. I thought
after half a year (and unfortunately no new insights) I'd try again, because
this behaviour seriously prolongs our build time :-\

I stumbled upon a curious problem with the ant parallel handling in conjunction
with Windows XP.

Let's say I have 3 targets: call1, call2 and call3 which are executed in a
parallel environment (2 threads). Each target calls a hello world windows GUI
application that has to be closed manually and prints an exit confirmation
afterwards. Ant starts call1 and call2 correctly in parallel. Now the curious
thing is that ant will sometimes (not always) wait for _both_ tasks to end
before it starts the third task. No output is written until both tasks are

The problem is not limited to GUI applications, we have the same behaviour if
we call the VS2005 C++ compiler :-(

We tried to reproduce the problem by replacing the hello world calls with
various ant sleep commands, but this seemed to work fine, the third task is
always started immediately after one of the first two tasks exits.

Any insights?

Regards, Thomas

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