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jtidy task operates on a fileset but won 't operate on a single file

jtidy task operates on a fileset but won 't operate on a single file

2007-05-25       - By cknell@(protected)

I am automating a process of turning MS Excel 2000 Workbooks into XSLT files
for producing reports from a database in Excel format.

I am at the point where I'm moving upstream in automating the process. I want
to prep the output from an Excel "Save As HTML" operation as a step in
converting them to XSLT files. So there's the background.

When MS Excel saves a workbook as HTML, it produces what I call a "master" file
and a subdirectory containing HTML files for each worksheet, one for the CSS,
one for the tabstrip that appears at the bottom of a workbook permitting the
user to view and operate on individual worksheets, and an XML file listing all
the worksheets in the workbook.

I have prepared a build.xml file that will operate on all the HTML files in
that subdirectory, doing exactly what I want it to do.

I have not yet been able to get it processes the "master" file which is located
in a level above those.

Look at this directory structure for example:

   |____ master_file.htm
   |____ master_file_files

This is my ant target:

<target name="tidy" depends="init">
 <tidy destdir="${base-dir}/tidy" flatten="true">
   <fileset dir="${base-dir}">
     <include name="**/*.htm"/>
   <parameter name="wrap" value="0" />
   <parameter name="numeric-entities" value="true" />

Where the value of ${base.dir} is the complete path to the "report" directory.

The results of running this target are:

1) the "tidy" subdirectory is created in {$base.dir}

2) all of the files with the .htm extension located in master_file_files are
processed and placed in the ${base-dir}/tidy directory

3) master_file.htm is not processed and placed in the ${base-dir}/tidy directory

Item 3 is the fly in the ointment. I cannot understand why this file is ignored
. Can anyone offer an insight?

Charles Knell
cknell@(protected) - email

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