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Subant and inheritrefs question

Subant and inheritrefs question

2007-05-30       - By Eric Wood

I have a question about how this should work. I have an outer wrapper
script that executes a subant as follows:


 <target name="build-application" depends="build-application-init" >
     <subant target="build" inheritrefs="true" >
         <propertyset refid="" />
         <filelist refid="" />

This in in turn executes a further subant as follows:

      <subant target="build" inheritrefs="true"  >
         <propertyset refid="" />
         <filelist dir="." id="" >
             <file name="util.xml" />

The build target in the util.xml file is not getting the necessary
subant properties that are passed in unless I pass a propertyset as
highlighted above.
I thought that the inheritrefs="true" would pass this refernce all the
way to my build target in the util.xml file

The sequence is wrapper.xml -> ear.xml -> util.xml

How is this suppose to work. I'm sure that I have misunderstood the
functionality. I'm using ant 1.6.5


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