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rename all files matching pattern in directory and below

rename all files matching pattern in directory and below

2007-05-30       - By Mark
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I want to make a task to rename all files of pattern
abc*.htm to index.htm recursively.

I tried following the example toward the end of the
Move task documentation (i.e. adding a .bak extension
to all files) but that didn't work.

This is what I did:

<move todir="topdir/html" includeemptydirs="false">
 <fileset dir="topdir/html">
   <include name="**/abc*.htm"/>
 <mapper type="glob" from="abc*.htm" to="index.htm"/>

None of the files were renamed.

None of the directories will have more than one file
matching the pattern so that shouldn't be an issue.

Can someone offer a suggestion on what is wrong or how
I should go about doing this?



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