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Ant sshexec random failures

Ant sshexec random failures

2007-05-31       - By ken77
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Hi Chris...

I am having the same exactly problem with the sshexec, the same script
sometimes works, sometimes it gives me "Remote command failed with exit
status -1"  , I was wondering if you have found the reason for this and a
possible solution ?

this is driving me crazy since I can't find the exactly (valid) reason , so
i can talk with my manager about it..

thanks in advance


cprice wrote:
> Hi there;
> I run a deploy system using ant with sshexec and scp. My deploy consists
> of sshexec calls to shut down running applications on remote servers, copy
> of files via scp to remote servers, and then subsequent sshexec calls to
> start up applications on remote servers.
> My problem is that my ant sshexec calls fail randomly with "Remote command
> failed with exit status -1". I'll have 20 successful deploys in a row, a
> failure, 3 more successes, 2 failures, etc... Effectively what seems to be
> happening is that the failing sshexec tasks do not attempt to make a
> connection to the remote system. I've esteablished this by watching strace
> and lsof output of the running ant process and noting the abscence of a
> tcp socket connection to the remote system. Also, the instant I get the
> remote command failed error I can connect via ssh by hand (CLI) to the
> remote system with no issues. I have also run scripts that continually run
> remote commands against all remote systems while running the ant deploy.
> My deploy system is rhel4, OpenSSH_3.9p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7a Feb 19 2003.
> Target systems are a mixture of rhel3, OpenSSH_3.6.1p2, SSH protocols
> 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090701f
> and windows 2003 server running cygwin, OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8b 04
> May 2006
> I was originally seeing this behaviour under ant-1.6.5, so I upgraded to
> ant-1.7.0 with no changes. I also upgraded my ant-1.7.0 to jsch-0.1.31.jar
> based on some anecdotal evidence I saw in the jsch changelog.
> My ant install was running under jdk 1.4.2_11, which we upgraded to jdk
> 1.6.0  with no change.
> ANY help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Chris

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