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Ant support for daemon processes

Ant support for daemon processes

2007-06-06       - By Vladimir Egorov
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Hi Ant Users,

I am interested in Ant support for daemon processes, such as servers.
For example, I would like to stop an Exec or Java process on demand -
this is not possible with existing Exec and Java tasks.

Ant manual for parallel task has the following example that "represents
a typical pattern for testing a server application":

 <wlrun ... >
   <sleep seconds="30"/>
   <junit ... >

Above <wlstop> is a proprietary task that only works with WL. I am
looking for a generic 'kill' task that can kill a referenced process.

The above example may look like this.

 <exec id='myserver'
   <sleep seconds="30"/>
   <junit ... >
   <kill id='myserver'/>

Unlike the WL example, we are not using a proprietary stop mechanism.
The <kill> task is a generic task that calls Process.destroy(), and
works for both Exec and Java processes.

Is there anything in the Ant World on this?
Thank you,


P.S. Another area is full support for 'spawn' attribute. Right now:

   $ ant -version
   Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005
   $ cat t.xml
     <exec executable="ls" spawn="true" timeout="1000"/>
   $ ant -f t.xml
   Buildfile: t.xml
   spawn does not allow attributes related to input, output, error,
   spawn also does not allow timeout
   finally, spawn is not compatible with a nested I/O <redirector>

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