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resolve dynamic property ?

resolve dynamic property ?

2007-06-06       - By Rebhan, Gilbert


i have a static property file with key=value :


my first script creates the dynamic property
${buildtarget} with <script> task and project.setPropery() method

my second script now wants to use the ${web.buildcmd}
property when being called from first script

when echoing ${buildtarget} in second script it's resolved correctly
but in context of ${web.buildcmd} it's not resolved.

[echo] ${buildtarget} == Fullauto

[echo] ${web.buildcmd} == make-${buildtarget}-SB

so it's
first script loads propertyfile, ${buildtarget} isn't created yet
create property ${buildtarget}
call second script

i already tried to load the propertyfile a second time in second script
means after ${buildtarget} has been created, but that doesn't help

Any ideas ?

Regards, Gilbert

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