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canned fileset with replaceregexp

canned fileset with replaceregexp

2007-06-06       - By Mark Modrall
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>Um... You didn't explain what you're trying to do. Are you attempting
to build a PATH based upon a regular expression?

> <fileset> can take patternsets in the form of a refid.

I'm trying to create a shared list of files to be operated on by
multiple tasks.  I.e. one task will apply <replaceregexp> to a set of
files to change some text tokens before compilation.  Then another task
would use the same file list to revert those files in the scm system

My understanding was that <fileset> needed either dir or file specified;
in other words <patternset> was relative to whichever was specified in

<path>, with it's ability to include multiple filesets and define a
complete set would be great, only it doesn't seem that some tasks like
<replaceregexp> take them.


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