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javac task with classpath issue

javac task with classpath issue

2007-06-08       - By query
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I have already compiled some java source files using ANT <javac> task and
created a jar file(eg1.jar). I am using eg1.jar in the classpath to compile
files in E:\\ANTBUILD\\eg\\eg2\\sources.The log shows that in the classpath, it
is also including the destination folder as a classpath. Is it an expected
issue in <javac> task?
    [javac] \'-d\'    [javac] \'E:\\ANTBUILD\\eg\
\eg2\\ClassFiles\'    [javac] \'-classpath\'   
[javac] \'E:\\ANTBUILD\\eg\\eg2\\ClassFiles;C:\\PROGRA~1\\jdk1.5.0;E:\\ANTBUILD\
There a few common java source files which are used in both eg1 and eg2 folder.
As eg1.jar is already having these class files, while compiling eg2 source
files, it shouldn\'t create these classfiles again. But the class files are
generated and hence populating eg2.jar file with more class files than expected
. What may be the reason for this behaviour?
This issue was not observed when I was using some other build tool. Observed
only in ANT tool.

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