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globmapper question

globmapper question

2007-06-10       - By Dave Brosius
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I'm trying to use a globmapper with uptodate task.

such as

<target name="-check_proxy_uptodate">
 <uptodate property="proxy.uptodate" srcfile="${qproxy.src.dir}/${cls}">
  <globmapper from="${qproxy.src.dir}/*.java"

<target name="-buildproxy" depends="-check_proxy_uptodate"
unless="proxy.uptodate" description="build a qproxy class from a regular
class using the QProxyParser">
 <java classname="${qproxy.parser}" fork="no">
           <classpath refid="classes.classpath"/>
           <arg value="${qproxy.src.dir}/${cls}"/>

Used like:

 <property name="qproxy.src.dir" value="${src.dir}/com/acme/bo/remotable"/>
 <antcall target="-buildproxy"><param name="cls"

basically, it takes as input a simple java class in the remotable directory,
and builds a proxy in a sub directory 'qproxy'.

when i run it with -v, it says

skipped - don't know how to handle it

Any ideas what i am doing wrong? thanks!


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