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creating files

creating files

2007-06-11       - By Rebhan, Gilbert
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From: arijit [mailto:ghosh.arijit@(protected)]
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 12:01 PM
To: user@(protected)
Subject: RE: creating files

great.. I can now create batch files using <echo file.... > and also use
<echo message.... file.... > to add contents to the file.

also <echo>foobar</foobar> possible, message attribut not needed.

But beware with echo, every blank and line feed gets written as you
it in <echo>, means if you don't want blanks on the left side, you
should write
starting at position 0

is it possible to read data from some property file and then use it to
generate the batch file ? In other words, batch file generated will have
some information which is read from the property file and added to the
file at runtime.

you may load a whole file as property or load a file that has
(key=value) ,see manual <property>, <loadfile>, <loadproperties>

For more complicated file processing (with regular expressions ...)
you should use <script> and a  language running in BSF JRuby, Groovy
or Javascript recommended.

Regards, Gilbert

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