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creating files

creating files

2007-06-11       - By Steve Loughran
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arijit wrote:
> i tried out  "<replace file="abc.bat" token="VARIABLE" value="version"/>"
> it worked perfectly replacing VARIABLE with version. But my next task is to
> read the value from some property file instead of typing in the value as
> shown above.
> i will also try out Gilbert's suggestion to load the property value and
> retrieve using key-value pair.


I usually have a special copy task that expands every ${something}
property in a file:

    <presetdef name="expandingcopy">
      <copy overwrite="true">

use this whenever I want to fill in a file with ant properties:

    <expandingcopy todir="${rpm.SPECS}" >
      <fileset dir="${rpm.metadata.dir}" includes="**/*.spec"/>

By setting overwrite=true you guarantee the copy always takes place,
which forces all downstream work to be rebuilt too. Apart from that, it
works very well

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