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Classpath issue with <javac > task

Classpath issue with <javac > task

2007-06-12       - By query
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I have been using ANT tool to compile java source files.

<javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${dst}" includeAntRuntime="no" includes="**/*
  <classpath refid="app.path"/>

In the log file, it is displaying the destination folder also in the classpath
though I have not defined it in classpath.
Is it <javac> task bug?

Log file:

[javac] Using modern compiler
   [javac] Compilation arguments:
   [javac] '-d'
   [javac] 'E:\ANTBUILD\eg\tempclass'
   [javac] '-classpath'
   [javac] 'E:\ANTBUILD\eg\tempclass';C:\PROGRA~1\jdk1.5.0;E:\ANTBUILD\eg\eg1
   [javac] '-sourcepath'
   [javac] 'E:\ANTBUILD\eg\tempsource'
   [javac] '-g:none'
   [javac] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
   [javac] not part of the command.

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