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Running .app on Mac OSX

Running .app on Mac OSX

2007-06-12       - By Paul Barnes-Hoggett
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Hi all,
I have an ant script that's been working on Win XP, and I'm trying to get
it working on a Mac.

Basically, I want to run an app (its a swf player) that writes contents out
to a file, then closes. Ant waits till the process has finished, then reads
the file. So, on Win XP, this works:

<target name="runTest" description="runs the test harness"
           <exec executable="${debugPlayer}" spawn="no" >
            <arg line="'${testHarness.swf}'"/>

But from what I have found on a mac, I have to use the 'open' command like

   <target name="runtestosx" description="runs the test harness">
           <exec executable="open" spawn="no" >
               <arg line="${debugPlayer}}"/>
                <arg line="'${testHarness.swf}'"/>

The problem is that the ant script continues when the 'open' command
completes, not when the app actually closes.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might attack this problem? Quite
new to ANT, so any help would be much appreciated



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