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using '/ ' as the separator for the elements

using '/ ' as the separator for the elements

2007-06-14       - By Pritesh saharey
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Hi All,
      We had our product, whose one of command line tool is "mkranch",
now if I use this command "mkbranch" it will create a branch for me on
our server, its usage is like this

Usage: mkbranch [flags] parent brname comment rooted [ownerid [groupid]]

for example if I want to create a branch "foo/boo/goo3.1/goo3.1_SP1" and
server name is "killme" than the usage will look like this

mkbranch killme foo/boo/goo3.1/goo3.1_SP1 "Test branch" lilly

but when I try to run this command it gives me error called "Bad name".

Now the problem is that if I want to create branch
"foo/boo/goo3.1/goo3.1_SP1" than I need to give each element separately
like this:

mkbranch killme foo "Test branch" lilly
mkbranch killme/foo  boo "Test branch" lilly
mkbranch killme/foo/boo goo3.1 "Test branch" lilly
mkbranch killme/foo/boo/goo3.1 goo3.1_SP1 "Test branch" lilly

These will create the desired branch for me.

So would like to know how can I do it using ANT, so that using '/' as
separator and in loop I can create branch in one shot, instead writing 4
or 5 time the same command.

Thanks in advance.


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