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Zip file/folder only if present

Zip file/folder only if present

2007-06-26       - By Parag P. Doke
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Hi All.
I'm an ant newbie running version 1.7.0 on NTish Windows and Unix. My
intent was to write a tiny build script that zips up certain
files/folders if they are present. I was trying with the zip task and
the zipfileset fileset with regexps. However, it seems like this works
only if the referenced file/folder exists (else fails). Also, regexps
do not seem to work.

There is definitely the other option of running copy with failonerror
set to false....but I thought of asking if someone knew how to use
zipfileset without having to copy the contents.

ParentFolder <- Fixed / known name
|- Folder1/installer/logs <- Case of "Folder1" is uncertain
|- FOLDER2/installer/logs <- Case of "FOLDER2" is uncertain (might not
exist in each case - if the 2nd installer fails, this does not get
|- installer/logs
|- installOptions.htm <- Wish to zip up all *htm* files

I am interested in using the prefix attribute of the zipfileset task.
After unzipping, the files are created without the ParentFolder
directory. Can someone share his/her experiences about the same ? An
existing document explaining the process / logic will also be fine.

Thanks in advance,
Parag P. Doke

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