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AW: Zip file/folder only if present

AW: Zip file/folder only if present

2007-06-26       - By Jan.Materne@(protected)
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Try a combination like

<available property="folder.present" ... />
<target ... if="folder.present">
   <zip ... />

With <available> you ensure that the folder is present.
The targets will only be executed if the property is set.
So inside the target you can be sure that the folder is present
(if you dont set the property otherwise ;)

If you know that the base directory WILL exist you could include pattern.
   <fileset dir="EXISTINGDIR">
       <include name="Folder1/" />
       <include name="Folder2/" />


>-----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Parag P. Doke [mailto:paragpdoke@(protected)]
>Gesendet: Dienstag, 26. Juni 2007 08:56
>An: user@(protected)
>Betreff: Zip file/folder only if present
>Hi All.
>I'm an ant newbie running version 1.7.0 on NTish Windows and Unix. My
>intent was to write a tiny build script that zips up certain
>files/folders if they are present. I was trying with the zip task and
>the zipfileset fileset with regexps. However, it seems like this works
>only if the referenced file/folder exists (else fails). Also, regexps
>do not seem to work.
>There is definitely the other option of running copy with failonerror
>set to false....but I thought of asking if someone knew how to use
>zipfileset without having to copy the contents.
>ParentFolder <- Fixed / known name
>|- Folder1/installer/logs <- Case of "Folder1" is uncertain
>|- FOLDER2/installer/logs <- Case of "FOLDER2" is uncertain (might not
>exist in each case - if the 2nd installer fails, this does not get
>|- installer/logs
>|- installOptions.htm <- Wish to zip up all *htm* files
>I am interested in using the prefix attribute of the zipfileset task.
>After unzipping, the files are created without the ParentFolder
>directory. Can someone share his/her experiences about the same ? An
>existing document explaining the process / logic will also be fine.
>Thanks in advance,
>Parag P. Doke
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