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Default Logging Level on <echo > is "warning " and not "info " in Ant 1.7

Default Logging Level on <echo > is "warning " and not "info " in Ant 1.7

2007-06-26       - By David Weintraub

I've been having some problems attempting to get <echo> to be quiet
when I am doing CruiseControl builds. Otherwise, I get dozens of echo
lines in my output showing up as "errors".

After playing around for a while, I suddenly realized in Ant 1.7 that
the default logging level of the <echo> task is set to "warning" and
not "info". I believe this is a change from earlier versions of ant
where the default logging level is "info".

If the logging level is set to "warning", the "ant -q" switch will not
stop the echo statements from printing out.

This is just for your information in case you run into the same problem.

David Weintraub

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