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How to make "outputproperty " element work???

How to make "outputproperty " element work???

2007-06-27       - By broken connection
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Hi Friends,
I need some help with "outputproperty" element. I have a properties file, i
want to pass in one of the property to a java program and read the response
back and store it in the same property using ant for eg:


//I want to pass this to a java program and the property should be modified

I tried to use "JAVA" task but redirection was not working so I used this
"exec" task instead:

   <filter filtersfile=""/>

   <target name="test">
       <exec  executable="${ext}" resolveexecutable="true" os="Windows XP">
           <arg value="/c"/>
           <arg value="call-program.${ext} ${my_property}"/>
           <redirector output=""
outputproperty="my_password" append="true" />

But its not working. I am able to redirect the output to some other file eg,
"xyz.txt" but then too the outputproperty element is not working,I want the
output as:

I have tried a lot, can somebody please give me a clue as to where i am
going wrong.I would really appreciate that.


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