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How to make "outputproperty " element work???

How to make "outputproperty " element work???

2007-06-28       - By Rebhan, Gilbert
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Ninju, showed how to pass one parameter and get the value but what if I
to call the same Java file say 20 times passing different parameter
each time and getting different encrypted result back each time.

So,is there any way to call the <java> or <exec> task  multiple times
passing different value each time...???

You need antcontrib <for> task, then you go
<for list="whatever" param="argvalue">
  <java classname="GeneratePassword" outputproperty="new_password">
  <arg value="@{argvalue}"/>
             <pathelement path="."/>

notice within <sequential> it's @{...} not ${...}

maybe it's also possible with <apply> <fileset .../> </apply>
see Ant manual

If you just need to call the java.exe n times you can use
the <repeat> task from Antelope.

Regards, Gilbert

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