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Dirset problems

Dirset problems

2007-07-05       - By Knuplesch, J?rgen


I use tried to test the dirset wit the following lines (later I want to do sth.
With some dirs):

 <target name="antcontrib.sortlist">

   <dirset dir="D:/Entwicklung" includes="*" id="my.dirlist" />
   <property name="sortlist.ausgabe1" refid="my.dirlist" />
   <echo>Sortlist ${sortlist.ausgabe1}</echo>

   <sortlist property="my.sorted.list" refid="my.dirlist"
                 delimiter=";" />
    <echo message="${my.sorted.list}" />


The result are not directories, as I expected, but the only file that is in
this path:

Buildfile: D:\Entwicklung\JK Nightly Build\ant_dopenightlybuild.xml
    [echo] Sortlist fixhelp.mac
    [echo] fixhelp.mac
Total time: 782 milliseconds

I cant understand this. Can you help me?



J?rgen Knuplesch
icon Systemhaus GmbH
Sophienstra?e 40
D-70178 Stuttgart

Gesch?ftsf?hrer: Uwe Seltmann
HRB Stuttgart 17655
USt-IdNr.: DE 811944121

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