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Formatter for ant scripts ?

Formatter for ant scripts ?

2007-07-09       - By Rebhan, Gilbert
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From: Jan.Materne@(protected) [mailto:Jan.Materne@(protected)]
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 1:37 PM
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Subject: AW: Formatter for ant scripts ?

The "formatter" should be something he could run from Ant via a special
task or <exec> which takes one or more files and applies style pattern
so the result would be a "beauty" code.

that's exactly what i'm looking for

until now i found only

i'll try them with exec.

I read a note somewhere that you could start the Eclipse code formatter
from command line. If that works for Java, it could work for XML, too

yup, i thought of that too, but didn't come up with useful results
when searching the web.

Beside that, there maybe a solution with xslt, but i'm no specialist
for xslt !?

Regards, Gilbert

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