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TImestamping in ANT

TImestamping in ANT

2007-07-09       - By Alexey Solofnenko
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I parse the build output in real time and note when "<target>:" lines
are printed to calculate time spend by each target and groups of targets
(targets with the same prefix). You can print some special prefix
following with the current timestamp (preferably
System.currentTimeMillis() - easier to parse), then parse output and
extract all necessary times. It will work with predictable target
execution order, which is not in my case.

- Alexey.

dkhanna01 wrote:
> I need to find out the time taken by each of the process/target in our
> build.xml file. Now for doing this I have use ANT tstamp task to calculate
> the start time and end time of the process. Now my question is how do I find
> out the total time taken by the process, I mean is there any way to
> calculate difference between "End time" and "Start time"
> Thanks

Alexey N. Solofnenko <>
Pleasant Hill, CA (GMT-8 usually)

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