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Checkout source files from subversion using ANT

Checkout source files from subversion using ANT

2007-07-10       - By sarancse
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I am working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.
I have installed ANT, subversion client and used the following target to
checkout source files from SVN repository.
   <!-- path to the svnant libraries. Usually they will be located in
ANT_HOME/lib -->
   <path id="project.classpath">
       <pathelement location="${svnant.dir}/svnjavahl.jar" />
       <pathelement location="${svnant.dir}/svnant.jar" />
       <pathelement location="${svnant.dir}/svnClientAdapter.jar" />
    <!-- load the svn task -->
   <taskdef resource=""
   <taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/"/>
  <!-- Checkout source code from subversion repository -->
  <target name="checkout" description="Pulls code from Subversion into the
build directory">
     <svn username="${}" password="${svn.user.password}">
       <checkout url="${svn.repository.url}" destPath="${basedir}" />

But I am getting the following error while running the target
  Cannot use javahl nor command line svn client

What is the solution to this issue or is there any alternative?
Hope this forum will help many friends.
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