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Create WEB-INF/lib based on path-structure

Create WEB-INF/lib based on path-structure

2007-07-10       - By DataCom - Diego
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Hmmm, the guy said he had a "path structure", not a "fileset" (look
subject of the message). Unfortunately, if he cannot change his path
into a fileset, I think he is in trouble. I had exactly the same
problem with the War task.

All these bugs seem to be related with this problem (does anyone know
anything about their status?):

There has also been a lot of requests about this on the list:

It is a really annoying "feature" of the War task.


Prashant Reddy escreveu:
> On Tue, 2007-07-10 at 12:25 +0530, Prashant Reddy wrote:
>>>> Based on, how
>> do
>>>> we know the element supports "refid" attribute?
> The relevant documentation seem to be here :
> "We said that Directory-based tasks can sometimes act as an implicit
> <fileset>, but in addition to that, a FileSet acts as an implicit
> <patternset>."
> So because fileset is implicit patternset, it can have an 'id'
> attribute.

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