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using loadfile and preserving the file formating.

using loadfile and preserving the file formating.

2007-07-11       - By Dwayne Walker
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I have a file that I wanted to load into the body of an email (as
opposed to attaching it) but when I use loadfile then include the
property name in the email message it strips all of the formating.

Is their some way to fix this? or perhaps using filterchain to convert
the linebreaks some how etc... this is also html email so converting
them to <br> would do. any rate does anyone have any suggestions or

thanks guys.

<target name="mail" depends="init, ftp" unless="stop_processing"
description="Mail out an email telling folks where the log files are
in the archive and attach the listing file that was downloaded in the
ftp target.">

<loadfile property="listing" srcFile="${tmp}/ftp.listing.txt" />
<mail mailhost="******"
   subject="Daily ****** Application Logs Archive. pulled today
${TODAY} for ${systemPeopleName}"
   password="******" >
          <p>This is a listing of the log files downloaded from ***** for
the ${systemPeopleName} WAS application.
          <p>The Log files have been archived on the shared drive at <a
href="${archive_dir}">${archive_dir}</a> in a file named <a
          <p>thank you very much and have a nice day.

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