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adding additional classes...

adding additional classes...

2007-07-16       - By cuillandre frederic
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hi guys,

i tried to add additionals classes to my build.xml but it doesn't
work !!
i tried this:

<property name="additional_jars" location="/my/home/javalibs"/>
<property name="foo_classes" location="/path/to/others/classes/bin/"
<path id="additionals.class.path">
<fileset dir="${additional_jars}">
  <include name="*.jar"/>
<fileset dir="${foo_classes}" casesensitive="no">
 <include name="*.class"/>
<target name="compile" description="Compilation target">
 <javac srcdir="src/">
  <classpath refid="additionals.class.path" />        

it loads the additional jars but not the additionals classes.
i tried it under linux with eclipse 3.2 and jdk 5

is anybody could help me and tell me what's wrong


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