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proguard error !!!

proguard error !!!

2007-07-16       - By cuillandre frederic
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one more time today !

i'm a bit confused because i tried this:
<target name="obfuscate"  description="Obfuscation target"
  <taskdef resource="${proguard.path}/src/proguard/ant/"
    classpath="${proguard.path}/lib/proguard.jar" />
  <proguard configuration="${meta.inf}/lequipe/" />

and my lovely ant says:

Could not create task or type of type: proguard.

so i'm a bit stucked!
the ${proguard.path}/src/proguard/ant/ exists but it
cannot create the proguard task
i don't know if there is a problem with the proguard
"" ??? i run proguard command line with my
proguard configuration file and everything is allright but when i run it
with ant, i've got a problem. :-(

is anybody was facing through this problem and solved it??


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