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Ant appends files to classpath

Ant appends files to classpath

2007-07-18       - By Yura Phink

I've got a problem where Ant appends to a classpath of javac target some
jars that I'm not interested they would appear there.
This is a javac target:

<javac srcdir="${build}/RVM.classes" destdir="${build}/steamloom"
failonerror="false" nowarn="on"
includeAntRuntime="no" includeJavaRuntime="no">
    <include name="de/**/*.java"/>
    <include name="net/**/*.java"/>

However the final classpath contains also the following libraries in the
ending of a list:

the first library is actually the value of sun.boot.class.path attribute,
the second one I don't know.
Note that I use jikes compiler.

Any ideas why this happens and how can I remove these files from the

Thanks a lot.


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