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Calling a String

Calling a String

2007-07-19       - By Joshua Wunder
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Hello All!!

First time writing to the list.  I'm working for a Software Design
company that works primarily in JAVA.  I work in the Production
department, and started using ANT a month or two ago to automate our

So - I am stuck on something

I would like to create a documentation of my processes thru a CSV file.

The way my ANT works, I use a loop to process each file individually,
and the various details about the file [name, path, datemodified, action
performed with the file, etc] are echoed to a file with comma delimiters
to allow for filtering and sorting in Excel.

Here's my problem, I currently echo a full string of variables for each
file in each area I process files in different ways.  The problem with
this is that if I want to make a change, I need to change the string of
variables in every location I create this log.  I'd like to be able to
have some form of reference to a string that I can call in various
places, but only need to change in one.

Making a property with other properties doesn't work because properties
sets the value with the ${} and doesn't allow for them to be replaced.

I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas.

I hope that my description is clear.  If not, please ask away ...



Joshua Wunder
Production Engineer
Cerylion Israel
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Moshav Aminadav

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