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Invoking sql files in ANT.

Invoking sql files in ANT.

2007-07-19       - By Chun Ji
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Hi all,
I  was trying to call some sql files from ANT, and it keeps giving me some "ORA
-00922, ORA-00900.." errors. I don't think there is anything special in the ant
/build.xml, but is because something in the sql file that ANT/SQL can not
recognize, such as:
set define off

spool exe_migration.sql

spool off

spool exe_migration.lst
spool off

". But on the other hand, the above sql runs errorless by using SQLPLUS.

So I am just wondering what is the limitation when sql files are invoked by ANT
? And if there is a way I can make the above sql working in ANT?


(The jdbc library I am using is: ojdbc14.jar, and ANT version is 1.7.0.
Everything is running on Linux box )

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