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JLink replacement

JLink replacement

2007-07-19       - By Martin Ficker
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I've got a question about the Jar task.
The JLink task was able to  merge the content of jarfiles from
different, totally unrelated  places, defined in a PATH Structure.
"JLink" is deprecated  since Ant 1.5, so  there must be a solution
without using it. But I'm just not able to find it. Could you please
help me?
Here is my example code, using JLink. Note that this example is
simpliefied. In "Real World" the definition of "jarsindifferentplaces"
would be in a project buildfile, while
the JLink would be in a common build-file, imported by many Projects.

<project name="JarTest" default="testJar" basedir=".">
   <target name="testJar">???
       <path id="jarsindifferentplaces">
       <filelist dir="D:\temp">
           <file name="two.jar"/>
       <filelist dir="C:\temp">
           <file name="One.jar"/>

<!-- JLink allows reference to path structure! -->
       <jlink compress="false" outfile="test.jar">
           <mergefiles refid="jarsindifferentplaces"/>

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


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