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'get ' decompressing tar.gz files on-the-fly, sometimes

'get ' decompressing tar.gz files on-the-fly, sometimes

2007-07-21       - By Simon P. Ditner
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I have a simple build file downloading a few .tar.gz files from my web
server running a stock Apache2 from Ubuntu 6.06, using Ant 1.7.0.

One command in my build.xml is:

<get src="http://myserver/project1/file1.tar.gz" dest="src/file1.tar.gz" />

And then I have a second command that is nearly identical:

<get src="http://myserver/project2/file2.tar.gz" dest="src/file2.tar.gz" />

Both file1 and file2 are tar.gz files, which I've confirmed from the
server side, as well as by downloading them using wget. The only real
difference is that file1 is 50kb, whereas file2 is 15mb.

For some bizzare reason, file2 ends up being decompressed on-the-fly, and
written as a 50mb tar file to src/file2.tar.gz

That's very nifty -- but entirely unexpected and undesired. Is there some
way to turn this off?


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