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best practices - building on multiple os 's

best practices - building on multiple os 's

2007-07-23       - By Loehr, Ruel
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Hoping some others might have some insight, I've googled around for 2
days but haven't yet found an answer that seems right.

I have a project which is c++ based and have created an ant wrapper
around it to checkout, build, build an installer, and publish the
project.  This part works pretty well.

The only problem is that it takes 4 hours to build.   2 hours on
solaris, and 2 hours on windows.

The ant build structure is sort of like this:

1)       call sshexec and run solaris build

2)       then proceed on to building windows.

I'd like to get the solaris and windows portion of the builds to run in
parallel but have not yet found a good way to do it.   The sshexec task
blocks until the solaris portion is done.

I've tried wrapping it in a daemon and parallel tag, but it didn't seem
to function.

Any suggestions on how I might go about achieving this?


Ruel Loehr

Configuration Management

Pointserve, Inc.

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Suite 300

Austin, Texas 78746

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