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2007-07-23       - By Steve Loughran
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Wayne Cannon wrote:
> I'll second that recommendation.  It's an excellent tutorial and very
> well indexed so it also serves as an excellent reference.
> --Wayne

Why thank you. It is always best to hear the opinions of unbiased
readers. Incidentally, in the articles section i'm going to add some
more advanced Ant topics as I go along, spinoffs from  my work projects.

So far I've covered
 -installing java on windows in a way I like
 -building RPMs
 -generating PDFs from open office files

more to come!

> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> Sayed, Irfan (Irfan) wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I am very new to the Ant world. Really want to learn ant scripting
>>> (build.xml) from scratch. I already visited to but never
>>> find any procedure to write small scripts or basics about writing
>>> script.It's a very high level description.
>>> Can somebody has any ppt or good study material to learn Ant.
>> I would recommen Ant in Action, the sequel to Java Development with
>> Ant, which just shipped last month and is the most thorough and up to
>> date book on ant there is.
>> The first two chapters are available as PDF downloads, so you can get
>> started for free:
>> -Steve

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