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help with some conditional logic..

help with some conditional logic..

2007-07-23       - By warhero
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" />
<project name="testing" default="test2" basedir="./">
  <property file="" />
  <target name="test1">  
    <!-- if props.someprop --> ##how use some logic based on a property from
the props file that will either execute the "exec" or just pass it?
      <exec executable"myExecutable" >
        <arg line="-some-command" />
    <!-- end -->
  <target name="test2" depends="test1">
    <exec executable="anotherExecutable">
      <arg line="-some-command" />

So what im trying to do is only execute if a property is true.. Obviously
some pretty simple logic but doing that in ant?

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