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web-based ant front end?

web-based ant front end?

2007-07-24       - By pkeane@(protected)
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Can anyone recommend a web-based front end for Ant builds?  I manage a
large application with numerous batch jobs as part of the workflow. I
would like end users to be able to either schedule or initiate batch
jobs by way of a web interface.  Security is something of an issue, but
something like http basic auth would be fine, as tasks are generally
idempotent and unintentional initiation would be OK.

I have looked at CruiseControl and LuntBuild (more than I need) and Ant
Pretty Build (IE only and thus less than I need).  My current plan is
to rewrite Ant Pretty Build (I esp. like the fact that it it simply an
xslt that leverages client-side javascript).

My plan is to build a db-based message/queueing system for job
scheduling that exposes a rest service interface.  I'll use ajax
techniques to allow the client-side javascript to schedule jobs that a
cronjob will run on the server.  Thus jobs can run under cron's
permissions and I needn't allow apache privileges to run such tasks,
some/many of which do things like write to the filesystem.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. I am keen on having the ant
build.xml docs loosely coupled from the messaging system such that they
will run just fine from command line ant and will be web-ified simply by
dropping them in a particular place on the filesystem with a link to the
xslt (a la Ant Pretty Build) and it'll all just work.

Of course if such a thing or something similar exists, it'll save me
much coding....

peter keane

p.s the application is written in PHP and much of the batch scripting
has been written in Perl.  I am finding Ant's declaritive syntax and
encapsulated task more practical for managing the many (100+)
scripting/backend processing tasks.

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