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JWare / AntXTras help

JWare / AntXTras help

2007-07-24       - By warhero
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Hey All,

I'm trying to get up and running with JWare / AntXtras. need a little help.
I'm building a build system that is being deployed to some developers. And I
want to include some of the tasks in this library. But am not completely
sure how to do it without modifying any ant config / libraries. I'm trying
to do in thebuild file with taskdef. Heres my example:

<project name="test" default="task1" basedir="../">

  <taskdef resource="com/idaremedia/antx/install/antlib.xml"
classpath="${basedir}/build/jar/AntX_tasks.jar" />
  <!-- Load the properties file -->
  <property file="./build/" />

       <target name="task1">
           <do if="props.myprop">
              <!-- something -->

I've tried a number of different ways with the taskdef tag.. no luck, dah!
any help would be appreciated.

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