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Question about <xmlcatalog > usage

Question about <xmlcatalog > usage

2007-07-24       - By Ninju Bohra
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Hello all,

I've been given a directory of XML files that I need to process.  All the files
have the following text at the top

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE Simpson SYSTEM "/some/directory/to/an/application.dtd ">
<Simpson command="insert">
   <Level class="one" description="Level One Information>
   <Set value="the value of the set"/>

Now I am planning to proces the files using the cool <xmltask> (see http://www for more info) to process the file.

However the problem is that I need to 'redirect' (or ignore) the DTD entry.
.since it will not be findable at the path specified in the file during

I tried the following:

<xmlcatalog id="dtds">
   <dtd publicId="/some/directory/to/an/application.dtd"  location="${source

and then referencing the 'id' from within the <xmltask> like this:

<target name="removeSource">
   <mkdir dir="${dest.dir}"/>
   <xmltask todir="${dest.dir}">
       <xmlcatalog refid="dtds"/>

However it does not work.  I still errors stating that it can't find the
application.dtd (in the original location)

I have copy of the DTD file (in a different path) so how can I either redirect
where the DTD is picked from (without modifying the file) or can I tell ANT to
'ignore' the DTD entry.



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