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Problem with Ant and CVS?

Problem with Ant and CVS?

2007-07-30       - By Simon Renshaw


I think I'm having some problems with Ant and CVS.

I'm currently setting up CruiseControl and they told me that the
problem I'm having is an issue between Ant and CVS so this is why I'm
posting this here.

I'm using Ant 1.7.

Problem: CVS does not update correctly.

In the delegated build file in my work directory, I have the following
lines for CVS:

<!-- Get the latest from CVS -->
<cvs command="-d :pserver:simon:179317@(protected):/usr/local/sceip
update TransactionsQueue"/>

When I look in the email report, I see the following:

Last log entry: Second test by Simon

This is the comment that I wrote when I did the latest commit but when
I looked in the checkout directory, I don't see the modifications that
I made to a file.

So it look like it can see the new comments but it does not update the files.

So, what is wrong with my cvs command line?

If I run the command manually, it works.


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