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Problem with build after method signature change

Problem with build after method signature change

2007-08-02       - By Dominique Devienne
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On 8/2/07, billf5293 <bfindeisen@(protected)> wrote:
> We are experiencing a problem with our build after a method signature change
> in one of our classes.  A method was changed from non-static to static.
> Since the dependant class files would still compile ant did not compile
> them.  The result is a IncompatibleClassChangeError at runtime saying a
> non-static method is expected.
> Is there any way to check class compatibility?

It's generally regarded as unnecessary, since Java compiles fast
enough that doing a full rebuild is much simpler and safer than trying
to do an intelligent incremental build.

There are IDEs and also JavaMake that do such incremental builds, and
I played with JavaMake in the past, but the added complexity is not
worth it IMHO. It all depends on the project size. --DD

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